Home Maintenance Plan Membership

Tired of spending your nights or weekends fixing things around your home or doing maintenance tasks?

Valor Construction understands that a busy life with work, kids, and family obligations leaves little time to take care of your home. Your home is your most important investment, so let Valor Construction help you out.
We will perform all the standard maintenance tasks for you! From changing HVAC filters to inspecting your attic for leaks to changing out your smoke detector batteries (batteries included!) to cleaning your windows. We will even clean your bathroom exhaust fans and dryer vents, one of the biggest causes of residential house fires.

We will make sure your home is safe and well maintained.

We will make sure your home is safe and well maintained.

One of our service techs will visit your home three times a year to perform different inspections and services to keep your home in top shape. They will be onsite for 2 - 4 hours each time.
Our Home Maintenance Plans are personalized to your home. Plan costs are based on the size of your home. Once you are a Maintenance Plan Member one of our Service Techs will visit your home to perform an initial assessment. During this assessment we will gather vital information about your home and systems in your home. Also, as a Plan Member you, will receive 15% off our regular hourly rate for additional maintenance and handy-man related work that you schedule to help complete projects around your home.
Below is a chart representing only some of the routine and seasonal maintenance tasks that we will perform depending on the time of year during the visit

Clean refrigerator coilsClean kitchen vent hood filterInspect water supply lines at sinks
Clean bathroom exhaust fans   
Inspect washing machine water supply lines and drain hoseService water heater**
Clean dryer exhaust vent   
Check sump pumpChange hard to reach light bulbs*
Inspect faucet aerators*Clean sink traps and drainsInspect toilets for proper operation
Change smoke detector batteries   
Inspection of windows   
Inspection of exterior doors
Change refrigerator water filters*Install screen door screens in springInstall screen door glass in winter
General home inspectionCaulking of windows and doors (exterior)Clean windows**
Shut off and cover hose bibsTurn on and uncover hose bibsPut up lawn furniture before winter
Put up grill before winterCheck fire extinguishersInstall new light fixtures*
Touch-up paint*Inspect caulking around tub and re-caulk if neededInspect caulking around vanities and re-caulk if needed
Inspect caulking in kitchen and re-caulk if neededChange HVAC filters*Exercise GFCI outlets

* Additional charge may be incurred for parts/materials and/or labor
** Once a year
Not all services listed. Services may vary from house to house. Schedule of services
performed will be based on each house independently.

Some additional services that you can schedule utilizing your 15% Member discount*:

Gutter cleaning   
Power washing   
Handy Man tasks   
Replace garbage disposals   
Small painting jobs   
Minor deck repairs   
Drywall repair   
And more!

Vacation Service:

No need to worry about your home while you are on vacation. One of our techs can stop by to check on things and make sure your home is ok.

  • Collect your mail and leave where you want it
  • Check for packages and secure them where you want
  • Water plants, inside or out
  • Put out garbage and recycle cans, and then put them back
  • Anything else you need!

*Additionl Fees Apply

The pricing options for the Home Maintenance Program is based on square footage of the home.

  • Up to 1500sf - $150/month
  • 1501-2500 - $195
  • 2501-3000 - $225
  • 3001-3500 - $310
  • 3500 + based on square footage and features
  • *When you sign up for a year, receive one month FREE!